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Lead time 2 to 6 weeks

We manufacture and supply premium quality transportable buildings, cold rooms and trailers.

Trident offers you fast, flexible and tailored options designed to order. We take the time to understand your project and combine our expertise with an industry leading product range, to provide the optimum solution for your site and budget.
With a focus on construction excellence, we build for Australian conditions and build to last.
Lead time of 2 to 6 weeks; constructed on a steel chassis; using insulated panel and the Cool Seal System - your buildings will be delivered in an immaculate condition and ready-to-use with, the features you expect and the service you deserve.

Granny Flat/ Site Office - 6.0m x 3.150m

image-292826-home (1).jpg?1426513931715

Complex + Deck + Cladding - 14.4m x 6.3m
image-292826-home (1).jpg?1426513931715
image-292826-home (1).jpg?1426513931715
16 Cubicles Shower Block -  6.4m x 2.5m
image-292826-home (1).jpg?1426513931715
Cabin + Deck - 9.6m x 3.4m 

image-292826-home (1).jpg?1426513931715
2 bedrooms plus - 14.4m x 3.150m

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Portable buildings transportable solutions